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Wood Floor Polishing

Buffing a hardwood floor is a great way to renew the appearance of a scratched, worn finish without incurring the expense and hassle of completely refinishing the floor. Buffing is the final step in any professional refinishing job, but it can also be done as a solitary process to restore the shine to a dull, lifeless hardwood floor. Also known as the "screen and recoat" method, buffing a hardwood floor will not remove deep scratches and heavy damage. However, it will remove the majority of surface scratches and will help protect a floor, thus delaying the need to fully refinish or replace thefloor. Want to learn some of the benefits and reasons forbuffing a hardwood floor before deciding to take on the project, call Signature Services.

Providing Residents of Мanatee, Sarasota and the Surrounding Counties with Shiny Wood Floors since 1995

Angel Guadalupe established Signature Services Floor Care and Cleaning in 1980 in Boston, MA, working with large commercial chains such as Bradleys, Marshalls, Staples, Office Max, Stop-N-Shop, and even Wal-mart. In 1995 he relocated to Bradenton, FL and since then Signature Services Floor Care and Cleaning has continually worked with many homeowners and local businesses, providing them with the cleanliness they require and deserve.


At Signature Services Floor Care and Cleaning we don’t cut corners, we make sure we’ve thoroughly cleaned and polished every inch of your wood floors.




Providing exceptional floor care service for 40 years

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